What is a brazilian wax

A brazilian wax is defined as a style of waxing a woman may use on her pubic area to remove all of the hair in the front, back and in between, except for a tiny, central strip that is commonly called a “landing strip.” Named after the country it originated from, this type of waxing has become extremely popular with the younger generation of women since its introduction in 1987.

Why did brazilian waxing become so popular?Waxing all of the pubic hair now seems like a mandatory thing for women to do. In this century, men have become so used to women “baring it all,” that the site of a woman’s pubic hair has become as naturally repulsive as armpit hair. However, according to the “waxing experts,” women get a brazilian wax because it creates a better sensation during sex. A recent study conducted among several young women produced a similar conclusion. Women do agree that getting a brazilian creates a genital self-image and increases their sexual satisfaction. Dr Debra Herbenick conducted a sex research among the diversity of women who get a brazillian. According to her research, 20.6% of American women 18-24 years old were typically always hairless, 38% sometimes hairless, and the rest were never completely hairless. Add those numbers together and the sum is quite surprising.

It’s true that a brazilian wax may improve a woman’s sex life, but it also relieves the stress of having stray pubes escape during bikini season, or those unsightly razor bumps that can be very embarrassing for a lot of women – so brazilian wax can last longer.  A lot of women may get the brazilian wax for other reasons like personal hygiene, culture or even fashion. The pain of a brazilian wax is considered the worst compared with other types of waxing, but luckily it is very short lasting. Therefore, a brazilian is not typically a “do-it-yourself” type of waxing no matter the tolerance of pain and women should consult a professional for this type of procedure.

The first time is said to be the most painful, but each time there after, it gets easier and easier. It is suggested to wear loose clothing after getting a brazilian and avoid hot showers/baths or any sun exposure for 24 hours. Getting this procedure will limit the amount of ingrown hairs or bumps that are the result of shaving. However, for those women who commonly suffer from ingrown hairs or rashes and bumps should use a lotion specifically designed to treat whatever the skin condition may be. A brazilian wax typically costs around $100 and last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. However, a permanent brazilian, called an IPL (intense pulsed light) is available in some locations. This is a pain free hair removal technique that uses a light to remove unwanted hair. Five to eight sessions are typically needed depending on each individuals hair and skin type and the price can range from $125 to $300. Getting a brazilian wax is a trend that many women, young or old, are following, and the results from are well worth the cost. There are many different types of hair removal, but none of them compare to getting a brazilian wax.

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