Change Your Future. Not Now But RIGHT NOW

Everyday we get the opportunity to start our life over again. For most they believe that their life is the same and will continue that way.

I have a different outlook. At night when I am about to go to sleep, I do a prayer:

“I acknowledge that today’s experiences were added to me so that I could enjoy an always expanding world. Tomorrow I get to start a new journey and a new life. I look forward to the new experiences”.

I usually change the wording a little but this is the major message.

Why is this important?
Most haven’t figured out the reality of the prayer. The reason that each day looks the same for most is because they go to bed with the same thoughts and beliefs that they had yesterday. When they get up tomorrow, they will start with the same thoughts and beliefs and pattern of their day as “today”.

Somewhere along this journey of life, people have to stop and recognize that you can change your future, not now, but “RIGHT NOW”.

When something happens in the next 5 minutes, see if you can look at what occurred from a different perspective. If you do this throughout the day, you will notice that tomorrow will never look like today.

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion

Your Partner in Success and Life
Ron “Simplified” Myers

PS – Here is a quick prayer, change of thought, conversation with your higher power. Whatever you want to call it. It comes from Abraham (Esther Hicks):

Make a list for the Universal Staff:

*Bring Me Ideas
*Help me rondevu with other like-minded people
*Help me be aware of my power
*Guide me to thoughts that are in harmony with my core desires
*Bring me evidence in how all this works in Fun, comfortable, humorous, delicious

Make this statement. Ponder this for Three Days YOUR life will be Transformed.
You will recognize the unusual things that will COME to YOU. ?

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