Does Today Look Like Yesterday?

id you know that everyday is a new day? What? Of course we know that.

No, did you know that everyday is a new day? Ok, I don’t get it.

Everyday brings with it a fresh new start. You get to start your life over again. The problem for most people is last night (before they went to sleep) they were having the same thoughts they had the night before. So?
Well that means they will wake up today with the same thoughts they woke up with yesterday. Which means they are continuing the same process each day. It would only make sense that if you are thinking the same thoughts, you would continue to get the same results.

I have always shared an example that when we wake up each morning, we sit at the kitchen table and read the movie section and it has a section that says, “We are looking for people to play the role of: villain, gangster, super hero, victim, a driven individual, confident person…” and the list goes on.

Most decide to sign up as a victim and then spend the whole day asking “Why. Why me?” My response is you got the role you signed up for, why are you complaining?

Without going into a lot of detail, the law of attraction will give you what you ask for.
You will get what you really really want. You will also get what you really really don’t want.

This is exciting to know because it just means that we need to learn to focus on what we really really want. The law of attraction does not try to interpret if what you want is good, bad, frustrating, sad or the other feelings that follow. It just brings you what you focus on.

So if you get what I just said, if you start right this moment to start to think of what you really really want, you will start to see things changing in your life today. This change will start to develop your belief in the law of attraction and you will start to change the stories you write.

Your day will change and tomorrow will not be the same. Why? Because when you go to bed tonight, you won’t have the same thoughts you went to bed with last night.

Just change this moment (the way you think and what you focus on) and continue that process throughout the day and you will notice that you will never have 2 days that look the same.

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.

Your Partner in Success and Life
Ron “Simplified” Myers

P.S. – Below are 2 statements you can use throughout the day. Statements taken from Esther and Jerry Hicks: “Money and The Law of Attraction”

“Today no matter where I go, no matter what I am doing and no matter whom I‘m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for what I am wanting to see”

Start your day – “Today I will look for things that are good”

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