Early Bird Catches The Worm, Does That Matter?

I have heard this saying all my life and today I just sat back for a moment to think about what does it mean?

I know the traditional answer about being first, waking early, not waiting for others to move…

But I like to look at all sides of things because I believe most things that have been repeated over and over are actually things that can paralyze people, because they believe it.

So I asked myself, does being first or early always a good thing?

What if a Coyote was out watching that worm? If you were the early bird, wouldn’t that mean you are the first bird eaten for the day?

Isn’t it true that most pioneers die broke? They just get things started. Yet, they aren’t around to see it through. Yes, others benefit, but the pioneer didn’t get a chance to eat the worm.

Now some may say, Ron, you are being negative or why are you looking at the opposite?

Well, I know people quit because they start to think, it is too late. I missed the boat.
I wasn’t the early bird. This probably fits 80% of the people.

I have a belief that most of the messages that are repeated, are created by the 20%’ers. This is what drives them. Competition. Being first. Being the best and have qzz in your life.

80% of the world just wants to participate. They just want a chance. Of course, they would like to win because that is human nature. But if they know they may not be first or the best, but at least they can get some worms, they will get up and make it happen.

So I guess my conclusion from this thought process is get up, get involved and you too will get worms. Even if it isn’t the first catch of the day.

It ain’t right, it ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.

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