My favorite subject is Me

My favorite subject is Me. What, you arrogant

I know this subject is one that we have been taught is a destructive thought process and a very selfish way to be. Lets be honest, are you your favorite subject?
I remember saying that to someone and they were upset and said, NO, Jesus is my favorite subject. I said thats cool. We continued to talk and eventually they made the comment, You know what I enjoy most: when Jesus uses me to share his message with others. I laughed, There you have it. You should be excited by the fact that the message is being spread, no matter who is giving it out. Yet you are most excited when you are used. Why, because You are your favorite subject.

I am not here to preach or tell people what to believe but I would like to share another perspective. If I am depressed, how much positive energy can I give to you? If I am sad, how do I up-lift you when you are down? If I am broke financially, how do I help you put food into your belly?

I am not sure what you think but my view is You cant add value to me if you do not value you. So the best gift you can give me is to take care of YOU. Your example of a Happy and Fulfilling Life Style will become an inspiration and drive me to start using some of my potential.

Understand there is a difference between loving you and believing others owe you something or believing: to get what you want means: you have to take it from others. We have abundance and can all receive what we want.

That is what a true leader teaches you. How to understand your value and to know that your abilities are unlimited. Once you recognize your talents (which are inside of you), nothing will stop you. If someone is supposed to be a leader and they are trying to show you how to be a follower, STOP FOLLOWING. We are born as unique individuals for a reason. Not to end up as copies, which most unfortunately will.

This is why in most relationships, when people find someone that is at their beck and call, they get rid of them. They use the excuse, there was no challenge. Guess what, you are not supposed to be challenged, (being challenged and experiencing a life that you want are 2 different courses). One creates stress and the other allows you to be FREE.

We have bad programming. You are supposed to be in a relationship that is smooth. You are supposed to be treated great. If you believe you deserve best, then ask yourself the question again,
Are you your favorite subject?

If you are honest, the answer is Yes and guess what, You are supposed to be your favorite subject.

For those of you that will take what I just said and say, So you are saying I should be about myself and not worry about others. Yes and no. You should take care of you because whos responsibility is it? Caring about a solution to help someone and feeling sorry are 2 different responses. 1 allows you to find solutions without taking on the burden. The other brings you down with others and you are back to being of no value.

I will stop here. This subject is a lot deeper than I could place in a blog. It is information that will be clarified in my book. I would enjoy your feedback.

It aint right. It aint wrong. Its just my opinion.

Your Partner in Success and Life
Ron Simplified Myers

PS The reason for this blog is to help those that are in doubt. Those that are waiting for someone else to be their savior (we are not talking religion or spirituality here). This is a message to tell them to take back their power. That can only occur when they start to believe in their favorite subject ME. By the way, those of you that are chasing the dollars, why are you chasing them?
Because of what you believe those dollars will bring to Say it again: to who

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