What is success ?

What is success?

As human beings we all have different perspectives on what this means. Unfortunately for most, they have allowed society to change their definition.

What do I mean (after all we are supposed to be enjoying this journey called “LIFE”)?
Most people have been programmed that if something doesn’t go the way they designed it; then it is failure.

Worst then this thought is when someone has an ideal for you and you don’t follow his or her wishes, then you are told that you failed.

Here is a tip: no one knows what is perfect for them. So how can someone decide for you what is right or wrong.

As we experience life, we realize what we don’t want. Those thoughts of “don’t want” will start to direct us to what “we want”.

So to me, I don’t believe in the word failure. I believe through experiencing life, you find out new things. Some you will like and want more of it. Some you won’t and you will strive to figure out a way to eliminate it from your life.

In my eyes, to be truly successful is to follow your “TRUE FEELINGS”. The ones that make you feel good inside. You should not ignore those “true feelings” because society tells you that you should feel or think a certain way.

Guess what? Your feelings are your feelings. They are there because of the story you were designed (born) to write (by finding your own success and living your experiences).

I will give you Ron’s definition of success. I have a schedule that I strive to follow daily, but if I get off track, I readjust and move forward. I don’t have time to beat myself up because of a schedule. (Hint: There are enough people out there that will try to beat you down, so you don’t need to help them. Somebody has to fight for you. Yep that’s right: YOU).

At the top of my schedule (the number one thing I must do everyday) is???


Yes, I check it off my schedule each day. Once I wake up I am successful. Everything after that is my opportunity to experience “Life”. I refuse to allow others to define “success” for me. After all, I have to live with me.

I hope you decide the same thing for yourself. You will receive a “freeing” (Freedom) in your life like never before.

Your Partner in Success and Life

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