What You Dont Want Is Actually Your Friend

“Every subject is actually 2 subjects. What is wanted and lack of it”. (Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham)

What exactly does that mean?

There is abundance and lack of abundance. There is health and lack of health.

The challenge that people have in life is which side of the subject they choose to operate on. Most people focus on “what they don’t want”. They receive it and then complain.
Those that get what they “really” want in life, recognize “what they don’t want”, but they focus on “what they want”. Focusing on “what they want” is what keeps them on track.

It has been rumored that a reporter asked Thomas Edison, “How did it feel to fail over 9,000 times (in his attempt to create the light bulb)”. His response was, “I haven’t failed and I have learned there are 9,000 ways it won’t work”.

Every subject is actually 2 subjects.

We are not going to get into the conversation on whether he actually created the light bulb or not. For those of you that are thinking about that, this blog is especially for you. Why do I say that? What are you focused on?

Stay on track with me here. lol

Using this example, the “don’t want” which we will assume was darkness. Edison wanted light. He had a choice on how to focus (perceive the situation). Most would focus on the attempts that didn’t work and most would have given up. His focus was creating “light” (what he really wanted) and that kept him moving until he figured it out.

If you caught what I said, both sides of the subject started with “what was NOT wanted”. Depending on which side you choose to focus on will show, by your results.

You will get what you focus on, whether it is “what you really want” or what you “really really don’t want”. Your focus will attract it.

I was thinking about that one day. Is there anything that exists today that didn’t start with something that someone “didn’t want”? Maybe you can think of something, but I came up with “NO”. So it made me recognize that what you “don’t want” is actually your friend. It opens the door to new experiences.

If we only had what we want, life would cease to exist. It is the “don’t want” that causes us to expand our thinking and creating the things that exist in our world.

So the next time you think of something you don’t want, GET EXCITED. Realize the other side of this subject will create a new experience.

By the way, enjoy the journey while going through the new experience.

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.
Ron “Simplified” Myers

PS – I heard it said that when you come across a challenge (problem) in life, you have just been given an ideal to attract success into your life. What you must do is find a solution and share it with those that are having the same concern.
Example: Something as simple as turning a ketchup bottle upside down.

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